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Training and Courses

We have planned to develop the following courses and they are under process currently. As soon as the courses are ready we will publish them on our website and social media so those brothers and sisters who are willing to join can register for any of them. These courses are would be delivered either remotely or on-site with physical attendance, in English and Bengali.

To express your interest to join please email us at: contact@ulamasociety.org.uk


Selective Tafsīr Juz’ ‘Amma

Tafsīr Sūrat’l-Kahf

Tafsir surah Yusuf

Thematic Tafsīr

At-Tanweer ‘alat Tafsir: A study on the Tafsir written by Allamah Abdul Latif Chowdhury Fultali

Sciences of Ḥadīth

40 Ḥadīth of al-Nawawi

40 Hadith of Hadrat Allamah Imad Uddin Chowdhury Futali

40 Hadith of Harat Allamah Habibur Rahman


Fiqh of Ṭahārah

Fiqh of Salah

Fiqh of Fasting

Fiqh of Zakāh

Fiqh of Hajj: the journey of the lifetime

Fiqh of Marriage

Fiqh of Money & Transactions

Women’s Modern Fiqh

The final rites: Fiqh of Janazah, burial and inheritance

The Fiqh of marriage and divorce


Sīrah: Life of beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

(Source Book: Muntakhabus Siyar by Allamah Abdul Latif Chowdhury Fultali)

History of the Khulafā’ ar Rashidin


Islamic Code of Ethics

Marriage and Family Life

Parenting in Islam: how to rise righteous Muslim children

Islamic manners, morals & etiquette

Islamic manners, morals & etiquettes

The Purification of the Soul

Prepare for Ramadan: A Spiritual Roadmap

A believers Ramadan: the ways to maximize Ramadan

Light for a believer’s heart: Study on Anwarus Salikeen


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