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  • 2017-2022
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Our History

Latifiah Ulama Society UK

Latifiah Ulama Society UK (LUS) is an associate organisation of Anjumane Al Islah UK. The story of Anjumane Al Islah UK started in 1978 when the great spiritual master Allamah Abdul Latif Futali RA visited for the first time in the UK. It was initiated to connect the British Muslim community to Islam in a coherent and relevant manner. His primary focus was to encourage people to embody the characteristics of the Prophet ﷺ and instil within them the utmost love and respect for him ﷺ. Starting at grassroots level, he founded an Islamic Secondary school and college, Darul Hadis Latifiah, in the heart of East London which continues to serve hundreds of students within the UK. He also established Latifiah Ulama Society as a subsidiary of Anjumane Al Islah UK, with the aim to support, unite, train and educate Muslim scholars to serve the community.

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    Our Activities

    Sharia Board Members

    LUS Sharia Council

    Hafiz Maulana Bashir Uddin Ahmed

    Hafiz Allamah Md Abdul Jalil

    Chair of Sharia board

    Hafiz Maulana Bashir Uddin Ahmed

    Maulana Md Shehab Uddin

    President of Latifiah Ulama Society UK  

    Hafiz Maulana Bashir Uddin Ahmed

    Maulana Md Nozrul Islam

    Former president of Latifiah Ulama Society UK  

    Hafiz Maulana Bashir Uddin Ahmed

    Maulana Farid Chowdhury

    General Secretary