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Why Can’t I Manifest Anything

LUS QuestionsCategory: TaharahWhy Can’t I Manifest Anything
Josefa Shepard asked 9 months ago

Why Can’t I Manifest Anything? Don’t do it! Don’t walk around with a noose tied around your neck. What do I mean by that? Stop believing that positive intentions, Morąg Anonse thoughts, prayers, and desires are all you need to manifest great things into your life. They are not. These things are just variables that work much like letters in the game Hangman. We used to play Hangman in school, either on a chalkboard or on a plain white piece of paper.

The whole purpose of the game was to improve our spelling. We were only given a few letters, Stary Sącz Anonse from which we had to decode or guess the correct answer. The teacher would draw a body part for each incorrect answer. First there was the head, torso, arms, legs, and feet. If we had too many incorrect guesses then the teacher would draw a noose over the stick figure’s neck and the game would be over. The more letters that you received, the easier it was for you to guess the correct spelling of the word.

You could master the game if you understood the mechanics of the alphabet and had a strong grasp on the English language. This concept can be applied to the power of manifestation. We are not given enough variables and we don’t fully understand the mechanics involved when it comes to manifestation. For one, anonse tychy we still have this dogmatic outdated view of how the cosmos work. I mentioned in previous articles that the past, present, and future exist all at the same time.

We can travel to the past through our bank of memories. We can also predict the future if we have all the right information. But that’s the problem. We can never have all of the information. The Universe is always changing, and we can only make predictions based on the information that is available to us. However, this concept gets a lot more complicated. Since everything in our Universe is already created. There is an infinite amount of possibilities.

The options to all of your choices already exist in parallel realities. All the answers to your prayers, the solutions to your problems are just waiting to be solved! The level of your awareness, your intentions and the choices that you make materializes your future. All of these things are waiting to be born in the womb of our Universe. This womb is called dark energy. Our ancestors knew about dark energy. However, they believed that the African deity Olokun presided over it.

Olokun lives in the darkest and deepest parts of the ocean. He/she is the deity of creation, of richness, and wisdom. Ironically, dark energy is almost 70% of our Universe and water is roughly 70% of our earth. This deity is incredibly mysterious, partly because people don’t know a lot about him or her, just as people don’t really know much about dark energy.

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