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Q 9: Can a Muslim women visit the graveyard whilst in state of purity?

LUS QuestionsCategory: OthersQ 9: Can a Muslim women visit the graveyard whilst in state of purity?
adminadmin Staff asked 3 years ago
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1 Answers
adminadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

نحمده ونصلي على رسوله الكريم أما بعد:
There is disagreement among scholars about women visiting graves. Some scholars forbid such a visit; while others legalise it in general. But the third group of scholars permit it with some conditions. We think that is the correct opinion.
The rules are:
1. If the visitor woman is young then it is makruh (disliked) to visit the graveyard.
2. If a woman feels that she can’t control herself and her objective is to renew her memory, she may lament over the graves, going to be impatient or utter bad expressions, crying and mourning, then it is not allowed to visit.
3. If a woman feels that she can control herself and her objective is to benefit spiritually, for a reminder of the Akhirah (hereafter), to make sincere du’a, or to get barakah by visiting a grave of Awlia Allah (friends of Allah) then she shall be permitted to visit the graveyards on condition that she adheres to the Shari’ hijab and there is no fear of fitna. [1]
In the case of visiting, she should be accompanied by a Mahram and maintain Hijab.
Allah knows best.
قوله: (ولو للنساء) وقيل تحرم عليهن. والاصح أن الرخصة ثابتة لهن. بحر وجزم في شرح المنية بالكراهة لما مر في اتباعهن الجنازة.
وقال الخير الرملي: إن كان ذلك لتجديد الحزن والبكاء والندب على ما جرت به عادتهن فلا تجوز، وعليه حمل حديث: لعن الله زائرات القبور وإن كان للاعتبار والترحم من غير بكاء والتبرك بزيارة قبور الصالحين فلا بأس إذا كن عجائز.
Raddul Muhtar Vol:2 Pg:242