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Download the Azan application for Android phones

LUS QuestionsCategory: TaharahDownload the Azan application for Android phones
Lashawn Mattocks asked 1 year ago

Download the Azan application for Android phones without the Internet. The program also helps every Muslim to remember his daily roses, which makes it easier for them to remember because they are very busy with their daily lives. And there is no better application than an application that reminds us of God, and prayers, without using the Internet.
Download the Azan application for Android phones without the Internet. One of the finest and simplest Azan and prayer programs, it is characterized by a straightforward interface, aesthetically pleasing systems, and a well-organized background.
Features of the call to prayer and supplications without an internet connection

It enables choosing the preferred call to prayer and supports a variety of voices, including those used in the Prophet’s Mosque.
The software will automatically adjust the Azan timing based on the user’s location if they are in a different area.
The program works with the Gregorian and Hijri calendars, provides the user with an alert before the call to prayer time based on their preferences, and helps prepare for prayer.
The program included a compass that enables users to locate and see mosques near them, as well as quickly determine the direction of Qibla from anywhere in the world.
When you click on the global map and choose the country for which you want to know the prayer times, the program calculates the times for the five daily prayers
Daily, how much time is left for each prayer, and displays prayer times for each location.
The “Follow Me” function in the app allows you to change the city and location based on the user’s location using GPS.
Once you open the program, you can read and listen to the Holy Quran, and you can choose a well-known reciter of your choice.
The program will not slow you down since it is completely free to download and uses little disk space.

One and بدون نت a half million people have downloaded the Azan software from the Google Play Store, proving that it is the perfect tool for reminding people to say the Azan and Azkar. The program has expanded all over the world thanks to its multilingual translation. It is a complete Islamic software designed to benefit all Muslims around the world and is not just a software for tracking prayer hours.

Designing an application to remind Muslims to do their daily duties and remembrances is a wonderful idea so that we do not forget it. Nothing is more important than prayer because it is the basis of religion and because God Almighty commanded us to perform prayers at certain times.
The application offers many advantages that make it the most popular, including:

The program’s interface is quite clear and has a large number of functions that you can use right away.
As we have indicated, it has received a large number of downloads in several countries, which improves the reputation of the application in terms of quality and reliability and leads to the release of
Additional updates will give him new capabilities.
The program offers a unique function that may be useful to Muslims while traveling: it shows websites that offer halal meals.
Although there are some commercial features, the app can be downloaded for free.

Your prayer app serves as a reminder of your prayer times and is easy to download to your phone. Your prayer app is the perfect app for that if your phone is weak and you want to download an offline prayer times program.