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Download FireFox for PC

LUS QuestionsCategory: ZakahDownload FireFox for PC
Marisa Castrejon asked 1 year ago

Firefox browser from Mozilla company, the latest version, is one of the most famous internet browsers, it contains many new, distinctive and exclusive advantages and features such as speed in browsing, it has many toolbars that you can use in the Arabic language, in addition to many web programs added to the browser with a click, it is characterized It is open source, in addition to being free and supporting the Arabic language.
It is also distinguished by the fact that it has many Firefox add-ons, because whatever your need for any program or service, you can find it in Firefox add-ons, it does not need a large space, and it was one of the first fast browsers that compensated for the weakness in Internet Explorer, long before Google Chrome.
Why Firefox?

It is a free and free web browser (open source) that works on multiple operating systems. The Mozilla Foundation and many volunteers are working on developing it, and an Arabic version has recently been provided to Arab users.
Firefox contains many advantages, including the pop-up blocker feature, the browsing tabs feature, the live bookmarks feature, and the add-ons feature to provide new features, and although many browsers contain some of these features,

However, Firefox was the first to contain all these features and was welcomed by all.
Firefox has attracted attention as an alternative to other web browsers, such as Internet Explorer built into Microsoft Windows and Safari built into Apple’s Mac OS X operating system.
Among the new features that Firefox features is the Bookmarking tool, in addition to the Add-ons feature that allows users to download additional programs as they wish.

Among its controversial improvements is the “smart site bar.” The new address bar can function as a history bar, performing addresses and categorizing results at the same time.
Firefox is an open source program:
That is, its software source (its programming code) is available to everyone, and everyone who has a software background can modify and develop this code to suit his own needs in browsing, and making the software source available is an opportunity for programmers to develop their programming skills and فايرفوكس gain better experience on how to work browsers.